Begin the journey now

Begin the journey now
Begin the journey now

To begin the journey, create quiet time and space for yourself. Drink plenty of water, before sitting comfortably and breathing deeply. Without trying, listen to your body with your heart. If your body had a message for you, what would it be? Are colors or images floating to the surface? You may have distant memories pop in. Observe how you feel. Like a child, allow any emotions to rise and flow, without judgement and blame of yourself, or others. At the same time, let your imagination conjure up pictures of your desired health and vitality. Feel this as a reality.

I encourage you to listen to your body, be humble to your feelings, and above all, be kind, compassionate, and patient with yourself.

Send me a message with any questions and tell me a little of your present situation and desire for change. We can set up an initial session via phone or video call and take it from there.

Note: Everything is adapted to you, as a unique soul.


Everything I share is my gift to you, free of any cost...

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“You’d be blown away if you could feel the huge healing energy I can see flowing from you”

- Eamon (Spiritual Healing Teacher - 1999)

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