Share a donation...

Share a donation...
Share a donation...

All services and everything shared, is a gift to you, free of any cost.

In the essence of giving and receiving, you may choose one of the methods below, to share a donation to support my presence with you.

In 2012, I changed my way of working, from receiving fixed fees, in the traditional manner, to share all my services by donation.

Why, people ask me? I support a gift economy in which we have the possibility of living in a more balanced and transparent world. I believe that when we truly value and have gratitude for ourselves and for everything in our life, we value any gifts received and share our gratitude.

I live solely from your generous donations and this covers all my daily living and working expenses. It also assists the continued expansion of services and support to others.

I have no financial support from another, any pension, savings, investments or inheritance to rely upon.

This way of sharing, certainly creates a wonderful awakening to more levels of humility and faith in our Creator, and in life’s benevolent flow!

Below are the links and details of how to share a donation.



Click on the link below or send to: - I receive between 95% to 97% for PayPal donations. 

Click here to donate via PayPal


These are borderless bank accounts. (Preferred.) I receive 94% to 99%.

You don’t need to have your own Wise account to make a payment.

  • Share a donation directly from your online banking service - click here to view Wise bank transfer details to accounts within the US, UK, Europe or Australia
  • or donate with a debit/credit card, when you register with Wise.

Click here to visit the Wise website

Note: Accounts are in my official name: Alison Mary Smith. Recurring payments are possible if your bank allows them.



Please contact me for details.


If you have any further questions, please send me a message.

With Heartfelt Gratitude for the gift of your donation...