Aloha… I’m Alicia

As a Health Guide, Soul Coach, and an Empathic and Energetic Medium, my desire is to support those of you who seek more clarity and development on your individual journey

Through exploring, unraveling, and releasing your 'hidden' wounds, addictions, and fears, a doorway is cleared and your heart opens to the true nature of your soul; to the realms of spirit, with the possibility of engaging in a more loving and truthful relationship with our creator. This can lead to expanding your intuitive essence and  awareness of your personal spiritual guides

Pivotal on this personal journey is a willingness to be humble & honest and to develop faith in your potential, passions & desires

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We begin life by walking, before talking...

For over three decades, I’ve had the privilege to assist thousands of diverse souls to awaken and transform their potential. They’ve healed, becoming happier and healthier, and thus more vibrant and purposeful in their lives

I’d love to support you, either individually, or as part of a group. My curiosity, and my seeking heart, have led me through a gamut of life experiences, studies, workshops, and retreats. I’ve opened doors of awareness, I didn’t realize existed! Each facet of life creates possibilities to explore and experiment, attracting people and events from which we can learn more about who we are, and how we fit into this world.

Guiding your journey...

I assist and support all types & ages of people, across the world, to Awaken, Heal and Transform. Whatever your level of awareness, there is always more to learn, heal and develop 

I work with groups & individuals, in person and through video calls, emails, energetic transmissions, courses and events. I also work with those who have passed over and help them and you to connect with loving guides 

I aspire to always 'walk my talk' -  using my knowledge, experience, awareness and heartfelt desire, to guide, counsel and inspire your own unique journey 

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Everything I offer is a free gift - supportive donations are also gratefully appreciated - click here to find out more


"I have never before met a person who exudes such an amazing flow of pure love and light."

- Terri (client)

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